UFC Pool Confusion

Well I participated in a UFC Pool last night.

The rules were you get:

2 Points if you pick the Winner
1 Point if you pick what round it ended
1 Point if you pick how it ended (KO/TKO, SUB, DECISION)

The pool was really tight right down to the end.

There is some slight controversy though

I assumed you would only get points if you picked the right winner, but the gentleman who runs the pool made the decision that you still get points even if you didn't pick the winner.

For example I would have tied for first place, but The guy who runs the pool picked Bonnar by Decision, and I picked Bonnar by 2nd round Sub.

Therefore the guy who runs the pool says he gets two points because Coleman by Decision.

Does that seems right to the all knowing UG? I'm feeling a little ripped off.

You got played son. We do a pool as well. If you do a search for ufc whatever pool you can get a pool bracket already printed out. For example: UFC 102 pool.

Correct winner gets 5 points

Correct round is 3 points

Correct method is 2 points

You must get correct winner to get round and method points.

 for future.....www.justbleed.com has great party UFC pool brackets. His twitter acct is  http://twitter.com/JustBleed  and brackets found here.... http://justbleed.com/

and of course my twitter acct is


good luck