ufc ppv buys suck again!

I'm in Hong Kong and would love to but it, but it's not offered here. The only way I can watch these things is if they're pirated.

Come on. The six Pride fans who post under 15 different aliases, always complaining about the UFC, claiming they didn't order it because the prelims weren't shown, can not possibly be the reason buy rates are low.

Wrestling is on TV every week. Everyone in the country knows what it is. It has been around for fifty years (or a lot more).

UFC is never on TV. Nobody has heard of it. It has only been back on PPV for three years. It's already drawing a lot more buys and selling out big venues. It just takes time.

Redskins Fan took the words right out of my mouth. The few bitchers and whiners on this forum does not amount to jack shit on PPV buys.

I actually try to come to this forum to gather any relavent news that may be available about the sport and sifting through all the whiners bullshit is getting really tough to do.

I buy the DVD's of the events to help support it too.

Tito/Chuck is the last ready-made box office draw UFC has. Ken/Tank might be able to draw too, but I think even the mainstream fans are bored seeing Tank get beat on. UFC needs TV.

You want the truth?

Okay, here's my take: I've tried to get friends to watch the UFC/Pride, and they are not impressed at all.  First, many people don't get the whole rolling on the ground thing.  Second, people can watch some of those out of shape, lesser talented fighters and realize that they're out of shape and lesser talented.  A guy passing out after one round of fighting is a joke. 

You're not going to get a whole bunch of fans by giving UFC fights to fighters who are popular on the UG simply because they train at a popular school. 

All you questioning why the UFC doesn't sell mainstream should step back and think about who you're constantly promoting to be in the UFC. 

How much advertising actually went into UFC 46? Not a whole lot, from what I could tell.

75k (if accurate) isn't bad, considering.

Exactly. And if the UFC haters were making a difference, Pride would be getting more than 6 buys here in the U.S.

MMA just doesn't have any notoriety here in the U.S. yet. But it's coming. If solid organizations like the Zuffa UFC that steer clear of works and pro wrestlers and other silly shenanigans keep plugging away, things will continue to improve.

The ufc needs to get a top 5, national advertising/marketing agency to "brand" their product and get it in front of the genral public.

Plain and simple.

Just think what that $400K+ could've done with a great agency instead of paying Tank???

75k isnt so bad






This only proves that Americans prefer the make believe world of pro wrestling over real fighting. The Japanese buys outsell both the WWE & The UFC combined in Japan, they only sell less than the UFC in America.

I've $$$ them all. They need to lower the price to bring the curious people on board that don't want topay much.

I confess I am of the watching, and not paying, type.

75k is heaps more than before.

I wish I could pay for it. I don't even get it this part of the world.

Where are you pulsar?? Nobody sends you a copy afterwards??

LOL at MMAfanforlife pulling his ppv buy rate out of his ass.

momita... Oh I get a copy alright, just not something I can talk about here...

And I'd buy it twice if the powers that be let it back in my country (Aus).

online cable sites are some places i look. im not making this up. plus i said 250,00 for wwe was very low!

to all the people saying "free tv", I'd just like to ask you to take a look at boxing and kickboxing, both of which have been on the decline in the US for years, and both of which are on free tv.