UFC PPV card?

With all the changes to the UFC 50 card, does anyone know which fights will be on the PPV? There are only 7 fights, so only 2 are prelims now.

Anybody? If I had to guess Frykland/Salaverry, Franklin/Rivera are the prelims, but you never know. I'd like to see Franklin/Rivera myself, and Charuto/Trigg better not be a prelim.

I would guess Fryklund/Salaverry and Eastman/Lutter would be the prelim fights.

RKing has got the right idea...

I REALLY wanna see Trigg/Verissimo, and Franklin at 185 might be the new division king... at the very least he's gonna be a major force. The UFC would have the right idea to introduce fans to a guy that might become a mainstay.

That would be cool, but in the UFC press release at MMAweekly it says "Eastman will now fight UFC newcomer Travis Lutter (6-1-0) from Dallas, Tex., in the pay-per-view card’s other light heavyweight match.