UFC Pre-Weigh In Fighter Q&A open to public?

About to head to the UFN venue, Renzo Q&A at 2pm, Fight CLub members get in at 1:30pm, do they let the rest of us ticket holders/gen. public in shortly thereafter, or not at all?

(I understand weigh ins are open to the public)

Thanks, please hollar, Renzo Q&A starts in 25 min (I live 10 min away)

I'm there now, they are letting people in

 I here too

Q&A for UFN's are open to the public.

i wonder if the q&a will be posted on the ufc website like the regular events. with renzo, you know the session will be fucking awesome.

I was there, walked right in, asked Renzo during Q&A if he was interested in going down to 155 for a rematch with BJ, he said yes to that and that he is open to potentially doing a seminar at our BJJ academy, weigh ins were fun, Gomi looked good, even more excited for tomorrow now having gone

It was f'ing awesome. Had a great time; sat next to Uno's family and got to meet Renzo.