UFC prelims in UK

Now that the pre lims are being aired on FX in the US does anyone know where we can watch them in the UK. I know the first Pre lim is being shown on Facebook but looks as if the rest arent. Sorry if this has already been asked but I can't find a thread anywhere


I just watch the main card on ESPN then download the prelims the next day.

It looks to be same deal as the spike prelims, UK people can watch them on UFC.tv for free, no ads, if you didn't know about that you've been missing out on some awesomeness

Do you not have to subscribe to UFC.tv?

signup is free you don't have to buy anything

zuffa hasn't really informed people well about this, lot of people don't know about it

Yep sign up for free on UFC.tv and watch them for free if you are in the UK. Phone Post

Quality stuff. Much appreciated =]

Thanks for that info.

You have to watch live but it's not that bad as they are good quality streams even on a shitty 1.5mbps connection Phone Post

me too! they changed it!


the 'how to watch' link goes to a page saying 'page not found'....... fucking cunt!

wait no hang on

It always says that until you sign up an switch to the prelims just before it starts Phone Post

ok haha I'm smashed. sorry. this is normal.

if it says

You will be able to access this content at the scheduled time. Please refer to the countdown below.

in the top right, you are okay

the button to watch doesn't appear until it starts

which is super dumb and confusing for everyone but there it is

I actually knew that but somehow forgot

mental you made me go mental