UFC (Proven Wrong Biotch)

I'm the BIOTCH guys!

I said UFC would never surpass the buy rate of Ken vs. Royce 2 but I'm was wrong. Also said that Ken/Tito is the pinnacle that wouldn't be surpassed (it obviously has now).

I know I don't post much and take shit for some of my comments (usually I'm right...at least I think so) but just wanted to publicly say "hey, I was wrong".

I've said it since 1997...the first company to get FREE TV will be king and it rings true years later.

The only thing that would make them better would be competition (ala WWE vs. WCW in the early 2000's). Right now, there is no competition in site.


LMAO at calling Jeff Osborne a "Typical UFC fan" and Jeff not knowing about the effect of MMA on Japanese culture...

whatever schmuck. Jeff Osborne has forgotten more about MMA (including production/promotion) than you could hope to know...

LOL at Jeff being a typical fan hahaha! Which UFC was Jeff a commentator
on I forgot but I remember him doing a great job


I'd say there's plenty of competition in sight. At this point in time maybe no clear-cut "number two" organization, but a lot of the other shows are really building as the UFC increases the awareness of the sport to the casual audience. I've always seen the ridiculous positivity that MMA fans and writers have about how their sport is doing compared to how it's really doing, but for once the corny "it's only a matter of time" slogan really fits. It's only a matter of time before this thing really blows up.

"Typical UFC fan,"

And as far as everyone mentioning PRIDE, I personally read Osborne's post as if he were talking about the sport in America. PRIDE may do better business, but compare their American business only to UFC's. Right now UFC is the only clear cut top promotion in the sport in this country. No close #2's yet, but there will be soon. And as much as I love them for trying, I really don't think the IFL is going to be WCW to UFC's WWE. ROTR, WEC, StrikeForce, KOTC, an upstart - one of these companies is gonna do some good shit.

Well it must be pointed out that Jeff is actually NOT the typical MMA fan, but in fact he is an observer and commentator with vested interest, therefore his comments have to be taken with this in mind.

Now, throwing in to the mix is his personal involvement with UFC, and the regional-centric bias that comes with being an American fan of the sport.

I can pretty much bank on the idea that there is another Japanese "not so typical fan" in Japan saying something very similar in a pro-Pride slant.

Jeff, do you consider yourself biased at all? (valid honest question).


do you take the snapshot of today as a snapshot of the future as it moves forward, or do you think that Pride's coming entry in to the US market will disrupt (or even potentially enhance) UFC/ZuffaLLC's ability to manouever in the North American market?

I for one hope that Pride's entrance in to the North American market will force UFC/ZuffaLLC to seek more revenue north of the American border (Canada ha).

TKO has been able to turn a profit here, so maybe pride can jump back in to business with TKO and play the Canadian side of things; a place that Pride is probably not even thinking about.

the valid answer would come from Jeff, but I do bet you are correct, and if anyone is coming to the table as a straight shooter it is obviously Jeff.

I am with Jeff that we need competiton (in the US) to make things get better (for fighters - increased pay as promoters compete for the fighters and more high profile opportunities with more TV shows... and for fans - more best v. best matches because the product becomes the new premium item, not the promotion name).

I have been concerned over the UFC's position of power in the US MMA scene, and how MMA as a whole is in its shadow... but now we are in an exciting time. There are alot of promotions out there shaking things up, and the CA legalization will drive further change and expansion.

Looking forward to 2006

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North America will be home of the best MMA action and promotions, just a matter of time. K1 and Pride know this, that's why they are trying to get a foot hold. There are 4x as many people than in Japan to sell to.

Jeff knows nothing about MMA, all he has going for him is that damn voice that I can not get out of my head and did you know he turned more ignorant about MMA when he cut his hair???

Rich Santoro I need to talk to you ASAP! Please call me!

PRIDE coming into the U.S. won't disrupt UFC. If anything it helps. The bigger the sport gets, the bigger their company is going to get. If PRIDE develops a working relationship with UFC, it will help them both. If they're able to establish a rivalry with the company, even that would help both as long as the rivalry...I don't wanna say is "acknowledged" by both brands, but as long as it's obvious that yo UFC is the current top dog, but here comes PRIDE...and they don't get along. It's all good for business.

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WFA - Watch out for them.

Jeff was calling it "mma" in 1997. He IS oldschool. He's done more shows than BF has seen on tape.

I wouldn't be LOL'ing at WFA just yet.