UFC Quick dvd releases...

I have to admit that the UFC dvds have been coming faster and faster on to the market. A nice touch. I hope that Zuffa realizes there is money to be made off them and keeps up at this rate.


Do you think it benefits Zuffa more if customers buy them from the UFC store or Best Buy, etc?

I think that Zuffa gets a cut no matter where it gets sold so they make money but the fact that Best Buy and other places are carrying them now can only help bring the name brand to more people and also bring in a bigger revenue stream.

Yeah, they have been comming out fast. my favorite is still ufc 40. I still get pumped when tito and ken make their entrances.

I thought UFC 40 was awesome. Ken and Tito's entrances were great and something that is missing from the current UFCs. I know they are trying to avoid the WWE crowd and that's great IMO, but there is nothing wrong with a little showmanship like that. All main events should have great entrances.

Are they going to do past ones ? No money in it ?

They've been coming out really fast. UFC 48 is hitting stores and blockbuster video on Oct. 12th. This past UFC, UFC 49 is scheduled to come out on December 14th. You can get them for $13 with free shipping and no sales tax on deepdiscountdvd.com
You can't beat that price at all.


couldnt be happier with the rate that they are coming out. i would like to see some past events on dvd, but i'm not going to complain.