UFC Reality Show Coaches!!!!

I believe the coaches that the UFC chooses for their reality show are going to have an enourmous impact on whether the show is successful or not.

PERSONALITY of the coaches is going to be just as important as their skill level. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity for the UFC to put some of their current stars in the spotlight.

So who are they going to choose?


I feel that Tito (love him or hate him) has to be a coach. He has notoriety, skill, and the personality to draw MANY viewers in (both male and female). He is not one of my favorite fighters, but I know he will bring in viewers. He will help the sport look young and hip.

As for the other leader...so many to choose from.


Having Vitor as another leader would be great. He also has the star appeal. Furthermore, he is an interesting person with a lot of history that viewers will find interest in (i.e.- Young superstar from Carlson's "Champion Factory," has persevered a lot in life both present and past, etc.) Plus, they could use the show as a platform to prepare a Tito/Vitor fight. WHICH WOULD BE EPIC.


Also, another GREAT candidate is Ken. He will bring in WWE fans in. He has a legacy as a pioneer and teacher in MMA. Even though I prefer Vitor, I think Ken will bring in almost as many viewers in as Tito. Plus his history with Tito will add tremendously to the storyline of the show (and to their rematch).


Of course, there is Randy. He could bring a positive light into the show (especially because Tito will present the badboy image). And, again, it can add to the storyline regarding Tito and Randy.


Also, I think they need to have Laimon in the show. I think his articulation skills, and his skill level will add tremendously to the American viewers appreciation (and necessity) of the ground game. Plus, he has a good working history with the UFC.

If you really think about it, this show has amazing potential. At the very least, it will be great for the fans. But I think it can go even more mainstream.


I just hope that the UFC does not get predictable and bring Mir, Ricco, Militech, Chuck, or anyone like that as coaches. The reason being, they are extremely skilled. But the characters I mentioned above will add soooo much more to the marketability of the program b/c of storyline, etc. However, I think they should bring those guys in for guest appearances for training sessions. They did that for Tough Enough, and it really worked out for them.

Who do you all think would be best for the coaches positions and why?

So here are my picks:

1. Tito must be on the show (love him or hate him)

2. Either Vitor, Ken, or Randy

3. Marc Laimon

4. And guest appearances for Mir, Ricco, Militech, etc.

P.S.- Newton would have also been in my top three, but I think Ken, Vitor, and Randy can add more to the storyline, and future UFC match-ups.

Ken will have to be on it. He's the most recognizable figure. I wouldn't be surprised if they got Royce to do a cameo for an episode. Imagine that, all the contestants are there, and in walks Royce. Would make for pretty cool TV.

Ken and Tito. With a hugely promoted Ken vs Tito fight during the last show.

Big mistake by them right off the bat, if Ken Shamrock is not on it...........

Didn't Ken say in a recent interview that he was going to be a part of the new show?

Ken Shamrock would be the best logical choice to be on the show due to his name recognition, professional wrestling background, The Lions Den...these give him the credibility, plus he has charisma....you build the show around him as instructor.....however, only do a deal with him if he agrees in writing to absolutely not grow those lame and tacky chops again...Shamrock looks much better clean shaven...

Baroni could have possibly added some color to the mix, though his antics and brash talk could have gone over the top and been a negative...but they can't use him , cuase if the show was a success Baroni's videos and gay porn inuendo would end up on Inside Edition or some other expose' and that kind of publicity wouldn/t be good...

Someone from a current major camp where the show can also highlight that camp and show the level of cross training the Ultimate fighters can really get. Miletich, Tito's group (does he have a group anymore?), Team Quest ( not well rounded enough but they do have Olympians, so thats a lot of credibility)

Vitor Belfort could be a great addition, young, handsome, celebrity wife, great body.... but from what Ive seen of him in interviews his English doesn't apppear to be good enough....however they could do a show for the Spanish Language countries and Vitor would be a great host...

Cbreeze did u not see those "On the mat" things at the last 2 UFCs the first Mark Laimon showed how to do a Triangle and the second an armbar

if TIto's in it, he's going to try to hog the spotlight like he always does.

I think Mo Smith would be an awesome choice, so would Randy obviously, but he's still active so i don't know if he'd have time. Ken is apparently hurt too, so i dont' know if he'd be able to do it either

Come on, you have to have Militech there! The man is a training demon for training fighters!

Come on, you have to have Militech there! The man is a training demon for training fighters!

I bet Randleman could have some quality words of encouragement for them. "phobic....PHOOOOOOBIC!"

Ken, Randy and Pat would be my choices.

Royce would probably do it, but then the Gracie's would demand minimum $1 mill for the episode, no time limit, and they would get to pick which commercials were shown during his time slot.;P


Ken Shamrock & Pat Miletich would be great.


Randy coutoue should be on there, he is just a natural coach, he coaches wrestling for hs. He just brings alot to the table and could be a key guy to gain knowledge from for these up and coming fighters.

Couture is so scientific in his approach to anything and everything in the fight game.

i think oliverfig may be onto something

Even with the injury, Shamrock should make some appearences on the UFC reality show, will bring in the Pro Wrestling fans. Laimon or someone to explain submissions would really help new fans gain knowledge and interest....Frank MIr would have a good personality that would work well....Rampage only if the show is hard core and appealing to an extreme demographic, but I'm sure they want to appeal to a braoder mainstream audience, and that market segment isn't ready for Rampage, he is an acquired taste once you know what he is all about he is really likeable...

Actually after rethinking the concept, Baroni would be an eclectic addition, even if Inside Edition did an expose' on him it would be exposure for the show and make for some interesting hilarity and controversy.....between the videos and his various historical antics ( unsportsmanlike conduct, hitting the ref), Baroni needs full walkin closet with a special organizer for all his skeletons....