Omg, this is sooooo going to take off! AWESOME!


i hate to say it but i agree with winston.
i have never watched spike t.v. and although i want this to take off in a huge way i don't see it happening unless it does hit fox or something similar.
don't get me wrong this is way more exposure than it was getting and i'm excited about it.i just have my doubts it is going to take off.
hopefully optomistic

Spike TV is pretty large here in Canada. But we're a smaller population and we have less channels I suppose.

In any case MMA was on cable which is a huge step.

Sadly, it looks like the lone Canadian they brought in was for comic relief! AUGH!

The shame...


You wouldn't have heard about Spike TV 10 years ago or even 5 years ago because it didn't exist. Until mid to late 2003, it was The Nashville Network (TNN).


Cool he writes like he talks.

Yeah it does suck UFC is on tv for free every week

I'm pretty sure several million people still watch WWE Monday nights on Spike TV, which should expose a LOT of potential viewers to The Ultimate Fighter. Plus, it's on right before World's Wackiest Police Chases, so there should be a large crossover audience there as well.

Its a great time slot. Right after Monday Night Raw. Much of our sports target demgraphic will get further exposure to the sport.

ttt for Spiketv and UFC being on cable finally!

mega pop if our target audience is the same as Monday night Raw, I going back to tap dancing

Oddly enough, tapping would have prevented your arm from looking like a used wishbone.


Just Kidding, Please don't hurt me.....

Well, wrestling gets the 18-34 males. And guess who the UFC is after.

ya you are right its just that I see those guys on tv with huge audiences making lots of money and I think why can't fighters. I mean we got to be better then that

Winston Wolf, please at least TRY to make sense. Those were two of the most nonsensical posts I have ever had the misfortune of reading.

Just because the UFC show was right after and nothing else was on, I actually watched WWE last night for the first time in a really long time and it was so pathet and terrible. I can't watch it again.

Jon Ill grant ya that was sloppy But next time why dont u just skip my whole post.Or buy a blue name then u can out me on ignore.Ill admit I was sleeping at 11 but will watch the replay Saturday at 7

LOL at not knowing Spike TV.

Yea, I guess the WWE is probably not mkaing any money or gaining any legitimate exposure from being on that channel. Fool.

ok ill admit id pass bye to see like 5 minutes of WWE a year but didnt relize it was Spike If its on after Pro Wrasling thats not a bad spot so I could be wrong.

A fan of the NBA complaining about WWE???

They are practically the same thing....