UFC really screwing fans recently

They tease us with Liddell/Silva, but thats called off....

Now GSP/Hughes, the only rematch that the UFC really needed is off......

God man, more TUF nobodies vs. TUF nobodies....

Getting stale. Thank god for Bushido.

No, I dont blame UFC for that one...Thread more targeted toward the Silva/Liddell.

The GSP/Hughes sparked my anger at teasing us with dream match ups.

Oh and GSP would of owned Hughes.

I still want to see Hughes/Penn II. Has everyone forgotten about that rematch.

It's called...Getting greedy and stretching your product to thin. Dana wants to do a billion events a year...But he only has enough talent to fill half the slots...So the quality of the product has taken a nose dive...

Oh well...Eventually the Fertitta's will stop taking every dime out of the company, and leave Dana with a budget to hire a proper stable of talent to handle the multitude of new events.


I think that UFC is following traditional boxing. They are setting each card with a big headliner and filling the majority of the card with newer and cheaper blood and depending on the headliner to sell tickets.

This method could be smart. They spend less on each card and discover new talent in the process.

I won't be paying for this next UFC.

When was Hughes/St. Pierre cancelled and where can any news/info be found on this?

Sijan it is not confirmed...Still rumor...There is a thread here somewhere about it...

"I think that UFC is following traditional boxing. They are setting each card with a big headliner and filling the majority of the card with newer and cheaper blood and depending on the headliner to sell tickets."

Did you read this on the other 10 threads a day it gets posted on?

No, I heard it in the stripclub lastnight and I thought it made sense.

Does GSP have to fight tomorrow, or did he have a ligament/muscle/bone torn/broken? GSP would still be fine against hughes unless he gets gouged in the eye like penn did to him.

Maybe an arm and an eye is too much to ask. Maybe it's just enough challenge to awe the world and make MMA transformed overnight! MH, please gouge GSP, for the love of MMA!

"skrewing fans over" ... Implies UFC intentionally planned the scenerio

"run of bad luck" ... Implies UFC tried to work something out, but forces beyond their control inhibited it from happening

^^ happened in both scenerios

I think the UFC is freakn GREAT !! Free UFN fights, TUF reality show also free, and PPV's every month or two....Sure some PPV fight cards are better than others... so who's isn't ? And sure most of the TUF fighters are not and probably never will have championship skills.... but its still some good fun and free MMA fighting.... I can't think of a single thing to complain about.

Somebody direct me to any other mma fight organizations that offers free shows once every other month or so, an interesting reality show and PPV's that are generally interesting every month or two just like the UFC does and I'll praise that organization too.... not to mention tune in.

ufc on free tv is no ripoff. but i do wish theyd show all prelim fights on ppv

this thread has caught the gay.

fucking ufc with their televised live free fights screwing over the fans... someone needs to show them

-the ug

LOL at all you morons getting excited about televised dog shit. If I could pick between free shitty MMA, or paying for quality PPV's with the worlds best fighters I choose PPV. Quality matters.


First of all, whats with the name calling? Who insulted you ? Please copy and paste the post... I'd like to read what they wrote about you.

Lastly, what other mma organization is showing free fights ? Name one please.

Of course, the free UFN shows are not the top names in the sport.... financially that would be impossible ! But they are in general good fights, and some of the fighters are serious contenders with potential championship skills, many others are not, but still whats not to like... its freakn MMA fighting on free tv !! I honestly do not have any idea in the world how somebody could complain about that. Not to mention a free reality show as well.

In regards to the UFC PPV's, if you don't like them.... it is "really, really simple".... don't buy them.