UFC releases Roger Gracie

I didn't think he looked THAT bad against Kennedy. He was probably getting paid really good money from that SF contract.

Beast of America - He's not an MMA fighter he's a great bjj guy Phone Post
As much as I was wanted him to be, you're right. Phone Post 3.0

To me, it just looked like Roger doesnt have that mean aggression that you need in MMA. That drive to be violent with your strikes, and relentless with your wrestling attack. Seems he is so programmed to the flow of BJJ that hes having trouble adopting to the overall pace of MMA.

Honestly, when it boils down to it, I just dont think hes mean enough as a person for MMA. Sad, cause I really wanted to see him do well and bring some of the deliberate submission game back into MMA.

If he is to continue fighting in MMA, I hope he gets set up nicely with Bellator or WSoF... I think he'd have a great chance to improve his overall MMA game fighting up-and-comers in either one of those promotions.

I always had high hopes for Roger- and have always been a big fan. I support him in whichever decision he makes and wish nothing but the best for him. In my opinion- Roger Gracie could certainly have a chance to round-out his game in these organizations, vastly improve his striking, and come back to the UFC as a force. I'd love to see that happen. Phone Post

I hope Bellator signs him. I'd love to fight him

His striking just wasnt as good as his bjj, be great if.he spent some time on his striking and went after guys that way, i mean who wants to take him down. Phone Post

Always be a fan though. Phone Post

He looked exhausted going into the 3rd round. Like he couldn't wait for the fight to end. Clearly he was suffering the weight hit and his cardio was shot. Maybe his fortunes lie outside the world of MMA. Phone Post 3.0

He looked bad in his last fight for sure, but to say he doesn't have what it takes to compete in mma is a bit of a stretch imo. He is 6-2 in mma. Wins over Ron Waterman, Yuki Kondo, Kevin Randleman, Trevor Prangley, Keith Jardine, and Anthony Smith (5 subs, 1 decision). Two losses against King Mo and Tim Kennedy (1 ko, 1 decision). The guy is a fierce competetitor. You have to be to make it where he has in BJJ, and he has some good wins in mma for a guy that hasn't been doing it that long. I think Roger's biggest obstacle to doing well in mma is that he runs his own academy in england and probably travels a lot doing seminars etc. Didn't look like his physical preparation was great for this fight.

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Beast of America - He's not an MMA fighter he's a great bjj guy Phone Post
Yup. Sports jiu jitsu and mma have developed so much since the early days they've split and branched out opposite of one another. The more developed sports jiu jitsu got the less applicaple it has been for mma. Meaning training sports jiu jitsu isn't the best for mma anymore. Phone Post 3.0

This is so not true but if you are going to make the transition to mma you have to have at least meediocre striking (which roger does not have) or a strong wrestling/judo base which Jacare and Damian Maia has which allow them to hold/control their opponents.

We'll in all fairness Jacare has the full package.

Like all the great wrestlers we see in mma , not all make the grade.
Lol, you helped make my point. Phone Post 3.0


BW92 - Great news for Bellator. They could use him at 185 or 205 Phone Post

He will make a great sleepytime tea for insomniacs who like MMA. Phone Post


CRE - He's a grappler not a fighter.

Tim came to fight. Roger came to grapple. Phone Post

Someone may have already said this but anyone else fancy Vinny vs Roger @205? One FC or WSOF get it done. Phone Post 3.0

ChrisAllen - Damn. The next TNA Royal Rumble will be crazy. Phone Post 3.0

Could you imagine if they booked him for a show and then instead of following the script he just starts tapping people out?

Roger has potential but he has to work on his striking, TD's, and especially strength & conditioning to have some success in the UFC. Like everything else, grappling technique only goes so far.

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CRE - He's a grappler not a fighter.

Tim came to fight. Roger came to grapple. Phone Post

Tim didn't look so good either. He didn't look good when he tried to hug Rockhold and Lawler all night either.

That sucks. Apparently my view is in the minority, but I personally would have liked to see him compete in the UFC a few more times. His horrible performance in the Kennedy fight aside, the majority of Roger's fights were fairly exciting due to the fact that he was always looking to actively end his fights via submission and not simply lay on top of people and control position. Phone Post

Hummmm.... Uncle Dana and un-educate mma fans dont like grappler...

Just let me bang bro!

Very, very sad. Phone Post

The Gracie's inability to have success in this stage of the game has nothing todo with there lack of training together and has more to do with there inability to evolve with wrestling and striking. Phone Post