UFC: Revenge of the Nerds

What's with all these nerds in the UFC these days? Joe Lauzon, Cole Miller, Luke Cummo, and now the ultra mega nerd Tamdan McCrory who brags about his nerddom in his post fight interview. What's even scarier is that these dudes are pretty fucking tough.

Everything Zuffa taught me about how to be tough--the goatees, the shitty tattoos, the shit talking--is going out the window.

WOw you forgot the biggest one.

Ken Flo

I wonder where the bullies are that picked on them in school

Oh yeah, KenFlo too. Although he seems more like a regular middle class white dude than a full blown nerd.

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"WOw you forgot the biggest one.
Ken Flo"

I did a seminar w/ the guy and he's far from a nerd.

Ken Flo is an undeniable nerd. He is a cool guy, a skilled fighter, probably top 25 in the world, but definately a nerd. OK noone can look like Ben Stiller that much and not be considered a nerd.

It just cant happen in my book

Because nerds get sent to karate in 2nd grade when non-nerds are playing baseball, football, etc.

It is simple. Fighting at the top levels of the sport require an abundance of intelligence. The best fighters are the smartest fighters. Thus we have nerds

Cummo is the best.

Jorge Gurgel is a big time nerd if you consider academics and studying nerdy. He's some kind of a brazillian genius.