ufc ring girls"lovely"

i'll hit it. i have no shame in my game (never have and never will), even if she is just "ok".

My favorite is the big boobed one who looks like a doe in headlights. or maybe she has slight Down's.

she's #1 in my book you guys have not seen her in person or what...shes always been one of my fav's


no body wants it

LOL at "she's okay".

man, saucy you're hot!!!! i didn't know that was you on the UFC.tv website.


amber, thas my good friend

like a stupid cow"yah ok" i would like to have her moo'ing for me anyday


It's good to be the King... :)

That girl with Elvis is HOT!!

KOTC has some killer looking ring girls and at the last PPV event it was cold and the head lights were on for all 7 girls.


TTT for cute ring girls!!

Its a cool pic from 41. Sorry about the link, but I don't know how to post pics!

3 t's


ill sell the #'s. for real

MMAReview.com - Featured Ring GirlThe "Featured Ring Girl" changes weekly. Here's a link for the lazy - MMAReview.com

thats hayley finch isnt it?