UFC sells branding rights to Crypto.com for $175 million

Fucking ring currently looks like a nascar car.

Ads in every possible spot in the octagon milk

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It’s just an ad deal.

Fighters can pursue independent sponsorship from the crypto company as well if they want.

Interesting that Crypto.com is going hard with the UFC since they will probably see more return with their Formula 1 and NBA sponsorships but they are probably hoping for a bit more spread globally with the UFC into Eastern Euro/Russian markets.

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Are you retarded?

Serious question

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Fighters had nothing to do with the investment or deal. Why should they be included? Fighter pay is not part of this.


Dang, too bad it wasn’t Binance or Coinbase.

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So why emphasize the fighters get no direct cut?

Do you get an arbitrary cut of profits when your employers company expands?

Gtfoh with this antiquated flawed anti Ufc bullshit


It’s no worse than the analogies to other sporting organizations. The NBA or MLB does not pay the players. Do ppl just intentionally ignore that plus a string of other fundamental differences?

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This new writer sucks

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Is she the product?

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Yep. Nothing to do at all with it. If they had boring fights and no one tuned in, where would the ufc be? They literally are the product. Without them, you’d have nothing.

I’m not saying literally every penny needs to go to the fighters, but more needs to go to all of them. The the fighters get zero royalties for their fights being rewatched anywhere the ufc broadcasts it. Just changing that would be a good first start.


I agree fighter’s should get paid more. What I don’t agree with is people on here that seem like they have hardly had jobs or read a book about business spout off about percentages of revenue etc. that they know nothing about or comparing to sports with centuries of history and multiple billion dollar franchises that pay those athletes.

The conditions for fighters should increase in line with the overall growth of the company- and they have and hopefully they continue to do so.

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Anyone know if NFT rights when with this?

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Everyone saying fighters should get paid more, ok guys, how much should fighters get paid?

Currently in the last few events that I can find salaries for the lowest is $12000 to show. That was only one fighter on the card. Second lowest was $14000.

So you want them to get paid how much?


How much is gonna make you happy?

NBA g league players get $35000 per year, they play 15 games a season.

UFC fighters perform once for 15 minutes, plus media obligations, plus drug testing, so lets call it a weeks total work. And get paid $12000.

Would I like fighters to get paid more? Sure. But are they underpaid for the job they do? No, they are paid well.


Facts aren’t taken too well here on the UG bro.

Not to mention they are also sole traders so any of them with an entry level understanding of tax or the wherewithal to hire an entry level small business accountant could write pretty much every expense off as a tax deduction

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Its not 15 minutes of work, fight camps are usually 9 weeks then fight week. So 10 weeks of work twice a year. 48k a year if they get 12/12 and win both fights. Then beg for a performance bonus that may be 50k.

Not bad for the first guy on the prelims imo

It 100% is 15 minutes of paid work. Fighters are not paid to train they are paid to fight.

Basketball players are not paid to train they are paid to play.

But sure ok let’s play the game of 9 week fight camp.

The most any fighter can realistically train per day is 4 hours. Most fighters take the weekends off in my experience. So that’s 20 hours “work” a week. If they train weekends they are doing 28 hours “work” a week.

-168 hours in a 7 day week.

-We sleep for 8 a day = 56

-So fighters have 112 hours a day left over.

-take away the max 28 hours they are training a week = 84

-Your average fighter has 84 hours a week of free time.

Sure ok throw in driving around, playing videogames, hanging out with the wife, pulling on your cock. And your are down to a cool 40 hours.

How many hours are there in a work week? 40

Fighters asking for extra money should get a damn job. Most fighters I know do have jobs. And it’s really not that hard to keep a job and fight a couple of times a year. I mean come on.

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Where you’re messing up is that you’re being logical and offering very real solutions to a problem. These people aren’t interested in solutions. What they’re interested in is the ability to piss, moan, and whine.

And if it takes making a shitty argument, like “Anyone who chooses to pursue MMA has a God given right to enormous sums of money to only train and fight”, then that is what will be done. Nobody actually believe that shit.

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They take 15-25 minutes worth of potential life altering damage vs the time playing kid’s games with its own but lesser risk minute to minute and the training makes it near year round labor to prepare for fights.

It’s not a 1 to 1 relationship in terms of labor time invested sport to sport.

If the amount of labor time put in per game or per year was he determining factor then Hockey players would be payed WAAAAAAAY more than Football players.

And I’m not even really decided personally on how to pay the fighters, but labor time/intensity- commensurate pay is not it.

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Funny thing is the same people complaining about fighter pay complain about over saturation and too many events