UFC sets PPV records

3 consecutive PPV broadcasts, each with more than 1 million viewers. Pretty impressive accomplishment. Promoters like Showtime, HBO or Golden Girls can only dream about having this level of success.

/tip of the hat to Zuffa

3 consecutive?

 Margarito was originally offered $2 million for the Mosley fight, which he turned down. Not sure what offer he finally accepted. He turned down $4 million to fight Paul Williams.

Soooo, BJ talking shit on Primetime did help promote the fight.

"yeah boxing would love those PPV numbers. However, the top boxers are still making a tremendous amount more money per fight than top MMA fighters"

High purses dont keep boxing alive and growing as a commercial sport, and continuing to keep existing sponsors / advertisers and attracting new ones.

Consistently high PPV buys and viewership do that.

Are you trying to tell me that UFC 93 did over 1 million in PPV?

UFC is still raping the fighters in terms of pay. They are making money hand over fist and still paying peanuts.