UFC should do Serra/Sherk instead

With GSP out for awhile, I think that the UFC should give Serra the first shot at Sherk for the Lightweight title.

Hardly anyone gives Matt a chance with GSP and the main reason is that he should be fighting at 155. Instead of jamming up the title picture at 170 for the entire year why not make this commonsense change?

People want to see GSP v. Diego, Hughes, or B.J.

Sherk doesn't have a clear cut opponent, Serra would be a great matchup, and he still gets his title shot.

You know, that is actually a really good idea!

I don't think it will produce an exciting fight (neither guy is typically very exciting) but I think it would actually be quite even and interesting. Prototypical Wrestler vs Submission fight.

I agree with this 100% Serra has no chance against GSP.

I have always found Serra to be an exciting fighter and he matches up well with Sherk.

I know that Sherk was out with an injury but I don't know when his return is scheduled.

"Everyone knows Serra is going to the lightweights anyway."

Actually I think he said it's very hard for him to cut to lightweight now.

I also think a Serra x Hughes match makes a LOT more sense at this point, with the winner getting GSP.

Then again I also think a Hughes x Karo fight makes sense at this point, and it would suck to lose that fight.

well, Serra put up with being on the show so he can get a shot at the title.... regardless of what we 'think' should happen... he fights for the WW title first. Its only fair. thats what he came in expecting

I agree with BUFFGEO. However, a title shot in any class he wants. That would be fair. If Serra is adamant about a WW title shot then he'll just have to wait.

I totally agree. In fact I made this same thread about a month ago.

Great minds think alike GSP

I interviewed Serra a little while back and he said he has no interest in cutting to 155 any longer.