UFC should drop Hughes IMO

Yea, he won a decision against the ultra-slick Charuto, but Matt's style is the most boring type of fighting that exsists in the sport I think.

I would pay to see Verissimo fight any day before I'd pay to see Hughes fight. Hughes defended well, but I'd rather see somebody on the offensive.

Matt also has no class. Not that class is a necessity for fighting, but it's a good thing to have.

Get some sleep

And bring back Tank or Tiki or Baroni? UFC sure has habit of bringing back 'losing talent.'

No offense Chief, but at least Matt has a winning record and a following.

Sure... forget all the good fights Hughes has had... after all, he never fights any of the top guys. Was this the 6th time in 7 fights he fought a guy ranked in the top 5?

And you'll pay to see Verissimo, that is, until he has an off night... then you'll want his head.

Monte, I haven't seen any of Matts fights pre-UFC, but I've seen all his UFC fights and not a single one of them was interesting with the exception of the debocle with Newton/Hughes I.

You know that it's not a winning record that excites the fans, it's more how a fighter fights.

If you don't like Hughes-Newton 1 and 2... and Hughes-Sakurai... or Hughes-Trigg, then I don't understand.

Terribly boring fight- I would have been ashamed of that win.

Hughes said himself he was being cautious.

yes....take Matt out and put Tiki in......

I take it you were pulling for Charuto...interesting how you want the guy that beat him out of the UFC. Let me guess, U have the same feelings for Sherk? Take out lawler and Trigg also? what other competition would you like removed.....would just handing over the belt make you happy?

I've liked every one of Matt's fights. Verissimo
is tough as hell and because of his style Hughes could
barely get a punch off. And Matt does have class.

verissimo was robbed. matt is more exciting when he doesnt have to defend subs all night

You gotta be a serious moron to want Hughes out of the UFC

Are you saying you don't understand how I can't like a lay-n-pray match?

How can you deny that Hughes/Verissimo was an interesting fight until Matt took over?

In short, I'm just saying you are a hater who will turn on any fighter who does not dominate every minute of every fight.

those 2 judges who had it 27-30 should never be allowed to judge an MMA event again.

Yes, Hughes was boring as hell in his match last night. Alot of people agree and understand that.

But not every Hughes match has been like that, so that's why everyone's calling you a hater. If all of his fights looked like this one, then alot of us would be agreeing with you.

The UFC needs the boring effective fighters just as much as the exciting fighters. not to say that exciting fighters aren't effective but the need these guys to constantly push the skill. Matt Hughes is a wicked fighter and deservers his place in the UFC. His ability will only improve the quality of the fighters around him. Personally i prefer watching great submission guys at work but IMO every devision needs a Matt Hughes or Randy Couture

You're saying we need boring fighters to justify the exciting fighters?

Everybody has those kind of nights... Penn is on top of the world, but Penn-Serra??? It happens.

Matt has never ducked anybody and fights only top 5 guys... every time out.

If the style is boring but effective it deserves its place.