UFC Should Let BJ Penn Back But...

I think that the UFC should let B.J Penn back, BUT only under these conditions

  1. Have Penn rebuild his career in the UFC whether at 170 or 185 or whatever weight class he wants to fight at.

  2. Have Penn get paid less money for the first few fights.

Use this as disciplinary action for what he did in 2004.

Please don't flame me. This is just my humble opinion

why was he booted in the first place?

it's always fair to have the most skilled guy in your organization making less money. WTF are you talking about?

  1. Why?

In his last UFC fight he made Hughes look like a fighter with only a couple fights under his belt. Since then he's beat Ludwig and Gracie.

Bottom line is the UFC needs another great finisher like Penn.

I bet you wouldn't say this if Hughes left the UFC for a minute then came back.

There is an MMA world outside of the UFC.

Would love to see BJ Penn fight again in the UFC