UFC should license their name

It would be a good idea to have the UFC lisence their name to smaller promoters that promote shows at grassroots state level. These promoters could act as farm leagues bring up fighters in each state. We could have UFC state champs that work their way up to the big show. I guess the analogy would be UFC house shows done my local promoters. Those small promoters would get a small sell out crowd with the UFC name alone and could run shows every month. Maybe they could work out a deal with local TV networks and get monthly or weekly TV shows. A lot of local shows with a similiar brand is the key to making this sport grow. Also, it gives a little more fair ranking system for fighters coming up.

they sued ultimate athlete for use of the word ultimate. but theres a ton of mma companies using that word who arent gettin sued

I believe to license an event name throughout the state is around $20. To license it through the federal government, and I assume all states, is like $350

Too risky... Maybe set up smaller shows but keep the UFC name off of it. The WWE has a developmental league called Ohio Valley Wrestling.. Something like this would work well for the UFC if they could be affiliated with smaller, respectable promotors. Maybe align themselves with Extreme Challenge, Sportfight, or AFC...

Does the UFC have talent scouts that go out to smaller shows, or do they rely on tryouts or recommendations by established fighters??

Worse idea ever

KTFO is trying to start up their own MMA promotion and trying to be Minor League for the UFC.

In other words fighters who are trying to get into the UFC.

Also for Fighters who are no longer doing well in the UFC would have a chance to rebuild their career and get back in the UFC.

Actually, starting a so called farm league for the UFC doesnt sound like that bad of idea... kinda like the way the NHL has farm clubs run by the teams.... but i guess the popular fight teams, MFS, Quest etc.. could also be considered farm teams so, in effect.. its already got a farm league

I just thought it would help UFC name if it was more common around and that every state had a local UFC affiliated show. Plus, it would be nice to have a show that if you do well in your getting in the UFC, and have show where UFC guys who have fallen in ranks could build themselves up again.

Thats a good idea MONSTAR--and some kind of union for fighters--
for real pay.
I have fought at shows where some of the fights are so-called
'amateur ' matches. Its complete bullshit made up so that the
promoter doesnt have to pay everyone. Those guys fight ,train and get
knuckled up just like everyone else, so WTF?

Tait...that is all well and good but liscensing the UFC name will cost thousands if not 10 thousands of dollars. Throw in the Union, more $ and the promotion won;t happen because he makes no money.

The solution is don't fight for free....there is no gun to your head.

I was thinking about this the other day, there are enough smaller shows already. Wouldn't it be a better thing if there was a major Ametuer MMA association america wide? Like there is in boxing then the the quality of fights on the smaller shows would be a lot better than it is now becuse of experiance.

Well Judomo--I dont fight for free...unless properly provoked...that
being the case, ten thousand dollars isnt alot to the fertitas(sp), if that
is truly the #.
Since I have no idea what the # is , and Im sure you dont either, that
is a finished discussion.
The fact is that many more people would have their interest sparked
and cause more grassroots support for the sport. More payperview,
thus equaling more income.
That is what would be called 'venture capital'. That is how
entrepreneurs make money. That would be initally started by people
with cunning and vision, coupled with balls and capital. None of which
you apparently posses.
Again, good idea MONSTAR, fuck the crabs at the bottom of the
Judomo--your customers are waiting for their order of onion rings!

"I have fought at shows where some of the fights are so-called 'amateur ' matches. Its complete bullshit made up so that the promoter doesnt have to pay everyone. Those guys fight ,train and get knuckled up just like everyone else, so WTF?"

I agree, its BS, cheap, low, among other things, but at the same time these promoters aren't holding a gun to the head of the fighter saying "get in there!" Fighters should be smarter and know their worth, make sure the event is legit, has good medical staff, etc. You can't fault someone if they say hey who wants to fight and they get some average joes to throw down for little or no pay. I don't like it, but fighters should hold out for fair pay then.