UFC should sign feeder promotions

I mean I would. It will give prospective athletes a more knowledgable path to follow. And it will give these promotions a boost being in league with the UFC. Maybe they could have a UFC fighter on their show for a superfight. Plus, the UFC will bring in fighters that are already popular and anticipated. If a fighter becomes popular before a big show, the big show gets a big draw when they sign him. It will make hunting down TUF competetiors a lot easier. They should sign one promotion for every MMA sanctioned state, as the feeder show for that state. They should sign Pancrase as a japanese feeder show, and some promotions in europe. Maybe they can licesnse their logo and the octagon for those promotions. The more common UFC style matches their are, the more the UFC will profit. This will allow them to write the sport their way.

Sit back MONSTA--I said as much months ago. I believe you are going to see exactly this phenomena, not just with the UFC, but with the IFL as well (though it may not be announced as such by the IFL)!

IMO, it will be reactionary on the UFC's part, LSelvon, though they may just determine, first, that it is a sound business move. The guys on TUF have a record of some sort.

Just for the new fans to know where the minor league shows are. In order to have the top of the heap, their has to be a lower level. Once that's laid out the sport should grow. UFN isn't enough. There's no difference between UFN and a UFC PPV. Until UFN is done on a weekly basis, and the ban against MMA is lifted in NY, UFC and or MMA will be just below full blown, established, mainstream sports. We still worry if the sport or the UFC is going to be around for the long term future. Certain staples, like a feeder show in every state, or country across the world, the success of those shows on a local level, a full lift on all bans, a weekly live show on national television, uniform rules. We will still worry if this sport will flourish to it's fullest potential, as a staple in a American and International sports culture.

Monsta, be careful what you wish for however. There are certain ways of structuring that will serve to severely hurt fighters down the road, IMO.

WWE does it, so I assume UFC will