UFC shoulds keep Arlovsky

Now, That Tim is out of UFC picture for some time, nothing prevents Arlovsky fighting for title again.

Kongo was just beat, Vera was Just beat, Werdum was beat recenlty. So there is no good contender, except for Arlovsky.

Vera and Werdum will fight for #1 spot, but for now UFC should keep and use Arlovsky.

 I agree. Arlovsky needs to stay.

Not much to debate here.

ttt for the pitbull


 andre is a bad dude

I for one would love to see him fight Big Nog. I don't think he deserves a title shot yet though. The HW div is so slim it really isn't necessary to build up a #1 contender. I say have Vera/Werdum winner fight Nog, then have Arlovski/Herring for the next shot. Then Gonzaga/Kongo for the one after that.

They shoulds. 

They still in talks about resigning him? Whats the word on that?

Has he made a deal yet?

I thought Arlovski was gone a while ago

I would love to see him and Vera fight.

I wanted to see crocop arlovski sooo bad. Now that cop is gone, I would love to see arlovski/vera

 Well they can now take the money they offered Tim and give it to Arlovski.  Let's get him in there vs Nog and see how he does.  If he wins he gets the big contract, if not then he takes a cut.

The way the HW division is falling apart like a shit sandwich in a rainstorm, they better do something. Keeping AA would be a good start!