UFC signs Tatsuya Kawajiri


if so, he will be tiny

Kawajiri Vs. Cub Swanson please!!!! Phone Post 3.0

Great news, Tatsuya is a beast Phone Post 3.0

good, should have been in the ufc a long time ago

Nuevo Haole - 


if so, he will be tiny


He dropped to Featherweight four fights ago


Great news, just wish it happened 5 years ago. He's probably too old now to make a major impact. Still, it's better than just gradually fading away in ONE.

Kawajiri/Siver would be a great debut.


He'll be fun to watch in that 145lb division.

DamnSevern - 


I think he gets destroyed by any of the top 5-7 at FW


Aldo, Lamas, Swanson, Poirer (sp?), Mendes, etc = all smash him

Nice. I'm surprised they didn't grab him awhile ago tbh

Asians = woot Phone Post 3.0

Oh shit!! Is this real life? Although wish UFC would've signed them like 3 years earlier, both if them. Phone Post 3.0

Great news!

Awesome news.  So he will fight Cub?

Love Japanese fighters!

prays he does better than all the other Japanese fighters in the UFC

DamnSevern -

Lmfao! Phone Post 3.0

Awesome news, always good to add quality fighters at the weights less than 155...should instantly become a contender at 145 Phone Post 3.0

DamnSevern - 

gif sums everything up perfectly

Good signing. Kawajiri vs Cub in January sounds good. Phone Post 3.0