ufc song

does anyone know where i can find the ufc theme song to download?? i don't know the name of the song but i want to put it on a cd. any help fellas??

Thank you!!

that wasn't it. not vey sure on the words but this is what i think i know. who's about to get...who's about to get knocked out.....this is the ultimate....sound familiar to anyone?????

I have it & can email it to you if you give me your email addy.....



on the way to ya.........

Thank you. now i am going to try to download it on a cd.

Let me know if ya get it, sometimes yahoo doesn't allow big files that size unless you have extra capacity to accept it, it is a 1.28 MB file....

Could I get that song too?


on the way to you too SlamNation.

download "the ultimate" here:


"It's called "Face The Pain" by the band "Stemm" "

I really wish they would get a new song because that one fucking sucks

According to the "Credits" section of the instruction booklet for UFC: Sudden Impact for Sony PlayStation 2, the track's official name is "The Ultimate (Theme)" and Jarrid Mendelson is listed as the artist and the writer. Go Go Plata Music (BMI) is listed as the publisher.

Could you e-mail it to me also Momita?



on the way... LOL @ dude.  sheesh.................. hahahahhaha


Momita, do you want a gmail account? They allow 10 mb attachments and give you 1 gig of storage. I'll send you an invite if you want an account, it's invite only.

The warrior intro is cool but it is time to mix it up a bit.

g mail?? hmmm, oh crap,  I really am a blonde, sheesh.......

*in a quiet voice asks**

What is g mail attjack & where the heck have you been??

It's free email from Google and is a great email service even if you only use it for attachments. You can even get one if you're blonde!

I've been busy but lurking. Email me if you want one and I'll send an invatation :) attikai@gmail.com