UFC stream does not work, fail.

 Dammit they better show the KID fight on SPIKE!

Perfect for me. Phone Post

Im watching it perfectly. Phone Post

^me too

 working perfectly for me since fight started

Modulesoriginufc.com/facebook/live-video/player.html Phone Post

Put a dot after origin Phone Post

it's terrible

 Mine sucked as did alot of peoples. I think to many people showed up to watch.

Mine froze twice during the first round Phone Post

 Works for me.  Your computer fail.

just got a link and watching rd 3 its ok but quality of sopcast stream. the fight is shit im going to watch mma live again

mine worked fine, you just have shitty internet.

 I watched the whole fight with no issues at all.  

only 2 hiccups. watched the entire fight

HogWatcher -  Perfect for me. Phone Post


I watched it all with no problem, although there was only about a minute of good action in the whole fight lol.

Seems to depend on your position on the server queue

During the walk out it was super choppy, so I reloaded the page and I must of connected to a different server cause it was great after that

 Perfect here.....great idea - I'm sure we'll see more -