ufc streeteam update!

like ufc really needs any help getting ppv buys for tito vs chuck 2???

well it doesnt matter! they still represent the best org on earth!!!

i rec my usual supply of fliers which i will plaster n fl with!!!!

for my work i got this cool ass ufc cd case!

thanks zuffa!!!!!!!!!!


flips thru cd case he got 4 FREE!

How did you get hooked up with they're street team?

from posting on here

someone posted about sending your address to zuffa and i did


I haven't received a StreatTeam pack for a couple of UFC's now...They've shown up like clock work for several years though. Thought they killed the program.

saucylv is the person to look for. She hooks people up for the street team. But damnit, they still don't send the posters to Canada.