UFC talk on Golden Boy's fight

I have not seen another thread aobut it so I am not sure if anyone has brought it up yet.

It was cool when Emanuel Steward brought up Jacob Duran (aka Stitch) working for the UFC. Then Jim Lampley said something about Mark Ratner leaving the Nevada State Athletic Comission for a UFC job. Of course the Douchebag (aka Larry Merchant) tried to pretend he did not know what the UFC was.

You don't usually hear about the UFC on major boxing PPV. Things are changing.

They were talking about Leon Tabbs, not Stitch.

Larry probably really doesn't know what the ufc is. or forgot 10 minutes ago..

"I loved the beginning of the 6th round when Emanuel Steward was saying how "a lot of Oscar's punches are not landing that cleanly on Mayorga as they used to be and that a lot of Oscar's punches are barely missing."
Oscar then proceeded to knock Mayorga down twice and knock him out. Great call Emanuel."

Emanuel was right... were you watching the fight?

After he said that DLH really found the range and put Mayorga down, the punches went from not landing that cleanly to finding their mark in the sixth. We saw in the first round that it only took one or two good punches for Mayorga to hit canvas.

Oh yeah Oscar only knocked Mayorga down once after that not twice. The ref then stepped in and stopped the fight. It's fine if you don't like Emanuel, but just say so, making stuff up that's not true so that you can bad mouth him is pretty silly.

No sorry, he didnt own himself. You said Mayorga got knocked down twice in the 6th. That didn't happen.

And now you proved you can't fucking read.

Oscar was still hitting Mayorga but he wasn't tagging him quite as well as he was in the first and second rounds. In the sixth after Stewards comment Oscar dialed in on Mayorga and you saw the result.

"Were you watching the fight? If you were then you know that Steward said that and I wasnt making anything up. You should get your facts straight before you go on a rant. You just pwned your own self "

Yes he said it... and it was true... You implied it was not true. You were wrong.

You said DLH knocked Mayorga down twice after that you were wrong.

My facts are straight, sorry you went on a "rant" without having your facts straight.

Like I said making stuff up to support the fact that you don't like Steward is silly. Especially since he was dead on in his analysis.

Perhaps a fundamental reading class is in order.