UFC Title Fights

 This sucks ass think about it with the exception of Penn Vs. Diego there wont be another title fight till what February at the earliest? 

Penn Vs. Diego then the winner of that is probably out till Feb - Mar

GSP tore his groin or whatever and there is no real #1 contender so hes waiting it out

Anderson doesnt want to fight anyone theyve offered and now hes having one of those Ed Soares surgeries

Lyoto muffed his hand up and is out indefinitely

Brock has a cold (or roids or dicktucked Carwin) and is out till at least Jan

The cards from now till one of the above is back should be free (with the exception of Penn Vs. Diego)

 On second thought this would be a great time for a UFC GP of sorts....Dana Lorenzo U listening! CindyO! Needs to happen!

i doubt brock is dicktucking carwin