UFC title holders questions

These re-matches are nice but lets look at title defenses.

Ok, so at HW we have Silvia. Who does the UFC have that they can bring in to make a competitive fight for him?

At 205 you have Chack. Seriously, who can the UFC feed him now? Even outside the UFC Chack stacks up well.

At 185. There is Franklin. Anderson Silva seems like the best match up there. A good fight for sure.

At 170. It's all over the place. Hughes and BJ is a smart move. After that you have the winner face GSP. Somewhere in there you have to put Diego too. He's just earned it.

155 is going to be Florian/Sherk. After that you have Jens Pulver, and Spencer Fisher looking to take that title.

It seems the higher up in weight you go, the less competitive it gets.

Please discuss.

At Heavyweight. The list of challengers that make sense for me is thus:

1) Monson.

2) Vera. Why not? If this fails then maybe he goes to 205.

3)Kongo. Why not? Similar styles imo.

At LHW for Chack. I can't even put them in order. Mostly because Chack could fight any of them and win imo.

  • Vera at 205. Damn it.

  • Bisping

  • Griffen

  • Rashad

  • Lambert

  • Jardine

  • Sakara

At 170, the trio of Hughes, GSP, and BJ will keep things busy and like I said Diego is inching towards a shot.

155 need a belt imo.

Anybody hear rumors of when Sakara will be back?

No clue.

what about hermes how long till he gets a shot?

Speaking of Bisping, when the hell are we gonna see him again? I would like to see Bisping vs. any of the other guys mentioned.

Bisping looks promising. I wonder if they will throw him to the wolves right away and see how he does.

Hermes has proved yet again why he could be in the mix.