UFC title shots can be such a joke

I get your point. I do.

But I don’t really think it’s a fair comparison, specifically considering the depth at women’s BW versus men’s LW.

A better comparison would be within LW between Makhachev and Ferguson. In that case, Ferguson had more wins and against higher competition. I’m not saying that it’s not a joke, just saying it’s a more apt comparison.

I think most here will agree at this point that the UFC is a sport but entertainment is a big factor in matchups and opportunities. Islam isn’t a “Conor”, and will never be.

Sorry his win over unranked Bobby Green didn’t warrant a title shot. He hasn’t ever beaten a top 5 opponent. He has one or two ranked wins. Any other fighter in UFC history wouldn’t have been babied this hard.

Islam gets Sean O’Malley treatment

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No offense but its silly to compare him to O’Malley and makes you seem uninformed. You sound clueless calling him babied.

10 fights ago he beat Wade who just made the PFL finals.
8 fights ago he beat Tibau who recently beat Brooks (who beat Chandler 2x) and MacDonald and beat RDA, Stephens etc… when he was in the UFC
6 fight ago he beat Tsarukyan who is likely one of the very best LW’s in 2022. Tsarukyan is now 5-1 in UFC.
5 fights ago he beat Ramos who is an ADCC champ and was on a four fight win streak in UFC.

I could go on.

You call that being babied, seriously? Was he being babied when Tony and Chandler turned the fight down?

Just like with Oliveira while he was climbing the ranks. The “names” you guys worry about turn down fights with guys like Makhachev.

You sound like that guy on here who told me Makhachev had not fought anyone because they only fighter he knew of that Makhachev beat was Dan Hooker so that meant Makhachev had not fought anyone, had nothing to do with the fact that poster just had no fucking clue about what he was discussing.

@BJ_Penn_Forever he’s a Boring Bum, don’t be a dick rider.

Jokes aside, yeah he’s v good, but cmon u sound like a crazed superfan with these posts, rail it in a bit brother

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No superfan, I’ll likely root for Oliveira to upset him if that ends up being a title fight but I just hate when people say dumb shit lie he has not fought anyone and I’ve had too much fucking coffee.


I didnt say he hasnt fought anyone. I am just saying usually the top 5-10 guys get in fights with each other. Its not just islam, but it seems like lately they always want someone to jump the ranks. I personally think he beats Gaethje. My beef is consistent, hated how guys like Conor beats Denis Siver and gets a shot, Leon Scott fights nobody at WW save a couple good ones, etc. I dont care at all how many fights someone wins in a row if half of them are nowhere near competitive. I think with Hooker on his resume, 1-2 good wins in the top maybe 5 and there is zero argument against his title shot.

But let’s think about if that didn’t happen. For example, if Conor fought Frankie or another wrestler who took him down and beat him via decision, Conor would have never become the biggest star in the history of MMA and whom made the UFC millions upon millions of dollars (and counting).

UFC is and has always been a business first, and their decisions reflect that. The alternative would mean the UFC would run itself entirely like a sports organization and profit far, far less. That just doesn’t seem realistic at this point and is mainly a die-hard fan’s dream.

The O’Malley comparison is an exaggeration. Islam has how many UFC fights? 12? And he has fought TWO ranked fighters. That is unheard of.

I hear ya. I am just complaining here.

I even skipped a gay wedding to watch Conor vs Aldo

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Sometimes it comes down to timing depending on who’s injured.

Giving a title shot to Conor is a joke he hasn’t done shit in 5 years…He shouldn’t even be ranked in the top 20 at LW

This is most likely.

Still Charles Olivea has defended the belt and earned the right to make some money.

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I could be wrong because ita been forever. It seems like i remember tiger took that fight on short notice to fill in for someone

Contrast that with the treatment that Sean McCorkle got: The made him fight Mark Hunt in his UFC debut - but he won!

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Correct on the whole. But Conor beat Brimage, Holloway, Poirier, Brandao & Siver on the way to winning the interim belt from Mendes, and getting the shot at Aldo.

Hate him all you want, but the suggestion he got an undeserved title shot on the back of the way he won those fights is a fallacy.

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By the rankings it was a joke. Looking back at those fighters it was pretty impressive.

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It was still notable that when both Conor and Cub were the top contenders at the same time Conor got Siver and Cub got Frankie.


Conor also got 0 wrestlers coming up in a div full of them at the time: Frankie, Lamas, Guida, Lentz, Darren the Damage, Kawajiri, Bermudez, and full camp Mendes. Yeah he prob woulda beaten most of them but also depending on when he fought them it may have been more challenging.

Pettis got Guida iirc for his UFC debut and they didn’t want that to happen to Connor.