UFC TiX Need to get Rid

I"ve got some UFC Tix for this weekend for sale. I have 3 $150.00 Tix Ill let go for $75.00. each Something came up and I will not be able too attend.
PH # (505) 885-0683 Carlsbad N.M. Thanks

That sux you cant go.. TTT for ya.. I would have bought them but I got mine last week..

Somebody just made a thread who was looking for tickets. I'm not sure who but I think it was a green namer.

Whoa...that's a deal.

TTT for Chad Hamzeh!!

C-Hamzeh is the guy, his e-mail is



its cool guys I got one, thanks a lot.


Those wont last long at that price trust me.

bsf was looking for one also i think.


I've still got em, Thanks. Jimmy Westfall

ttt i would love to buy but i couldnt afford the plane and hotel anyway...im sorry u cant go to the show buddy best of luck selling them.




dude i'll buy those damn things!!!!!!!

I'll take all three if you still have them.


Got em sold fellas , Thanks for all the help.
Jimmy Westfall