"Postal Connections" by Tape Lord

Hello my friends, Zuffa informant 'Coffee Guy' tells me that Zuffa has finally come to terms with cable network Spike TV on a television deal that will give the UFC a weekly TV show.

Expect Zuffa to officially announce this in a few days.

great news


I hope this is true.........


Would Goldberg and Rogan be the hosts?

Man that would be awesome, but who knows if it will happen

Rogan should definitely be a host!!!

Rogan should definitely be a host!!!
Rogan is definitely a "Network for Men" kind of host. I'd be very happy to see him in the job.

won't happen.

let me host!!!...i'll do a good job!!

I'd love for Joe Rogan to host the show.

What about Ken Shamrock, think he'd be a good host?? Or Phil Baroni?

*puts up reflective shield*

Jef Osborne posted this a couple of weeks ago, I believe it.

Obviously this isn't the first mention of this news, but Fightsport is just keeping us up to date on reports that they originally made many months ago.

Fightsport actually knew this months ago Chief? Wow. How do they find things out like this? Do promoters leak them the info?

I heard this in December from a good source. They were originally supposed to announce it a few weeks ago.

i may become religious soon so i can pray this happens

yeah, its been in the works for a long time apparently and it has just been finalized

ttt for a confirmation from Dana


fightworld.com announced this like a month ago