UFC to Boston in '08

Could be old news but heard Dana on a Boston morning radio show last week. He said they tried to book the Garden for a New Years event but it was unavailable. He said they are currently seeking out a new date in '08 at the Garden.

 It was only a matter of time.  Dana's home turf.  Plus the fact that MMA is HUGE here.  He could sell out the Garden easy.

They did also say Chicago in 08 earlier this year, I wonder when that is going to go down.

Minnesota in August right?

Only on your head Frederic


[quote]frederic - Can elbows be used in Massachusetts?[/quote]


Fred -

My last fight allowed elbows and knees to the head so I'm assuming it's cool. 

/irons affliction shirt

/stocks up on hair gel and lip gloss

i'm ready! never back down!

A UFC in boston would be epic.

Ole....ole ole ole!!!!!!!!!!!!

I heard November '08