UFC Tournament 2007

I've been a fan since UFC1-what was that like '92 or '93? These days I feel like I'm handicapping horses-there are so many fighters in these divisions that it's making my friggin' head spin. I say it's time for a tourney to sort things out-Pride's done them successfully, heck the UFC used to be tournaments-can we please get back to our roots so old folks like me can figure out wtf's going on again.

Thank you.


UFC Open Wieght GP would never happen... but oh man, think of the possibilities!

no chance in hell Dana has the balls to put that out. Chances of injury, etc, I just hate when someone gets injured after winning a match and then an alternate would have to come in. But he really should've done a tourney for the Welterweight title , not all in one night of course, but just do a couple of matches every PPV until two guys would meet in the finals.