UFC Trainer Commercial


The UFC REALLY hoped Faber won, eh?

Because it makes no sense to have him as the face of the UFC Trainer ad campaign without a belt and a win over Wineland.

Cruz is as unwanted as the possibility of Fitch or Maynard holding a belt in Dana's eyes.

Of course, since it's real and not WWE, guys like Faber go 0-4 in title fights, last big win was over Pulver and yet they still push him as if he is a star to replace Liddell, Couture or Tito to casual fans.

I get promotional muscle but it's annoying how they put none behind some guys and give a guy like Faber everything but a win to get him over with the casuals.

Buyrate of 375K says Faber is not a star anyhow.

But I'm sure he headlines 2 more events over the next year. Phone Post

You can tell everyone wanted faber to win. Dana was pissed to put the belt on cruz and the fertitas were all congratulation faber and not cruz Phone Post