Ufc tries 2 hide the extent of the violence of...

their product, imo. Especially cards on the fox channels...

When there is a particularly bad looking knockout or something, they avoid showing closeups of replays and shit. Seems like they do it more in the woman's fights too. Not sure what they're trying to hide.......

Ppv's are bearable, but even they've gotten a little watered down over the years. Phone Post 3.0

I disagree Phone Post 3.0

I agree, they wanted nothing to do with JDS post fight Phone Post 3.0

I still remember that they cut away from the aftermath of Lamas/Koch awfully quick.

Fucking sensitive pussies at FOX. They need to stick with good old wholesome programs like Family Guy and American Dad.

Only one female fight been on fox was no knock out or blood Phone Post 3.0

Probably true, I was at the swick vs Johnson fight and Johnson was out cold for a good 5 min. They even brought out the stretcher, but I rewatched the fight on TV and they cut to commercial the whole time he was out. Phone Post 3.0

They thought Saunders was flipping off the camera during the weigh in's for fuck's sake!

FOX loves to live on that "Ignorance is Bliss" line. 


No no no, the violence of this is superficial, none of this hurts. Watch with the whole family!

I agree, have noticed it a few times.

Especially when someone gets KO'd from ground and pound. Hardly ever show the follow up after they're out on the replay. Phone Post 3.0

What happened to most of the post fight interviews? Phone Post 3.0

Gilbosh - What happened to most of the post fight interviews? Phone Post 3.0

Same thing that happened to most of the walk-ins.

Made way for valuable advertising time