UFC Trip - Combatives Camp

For a few years I've been slowly bending the ears of some pretty
prestigious MMA fighters about the benefits of HIGH GEAR and its
applications in training.

To date Pat Miletich, Carlos Newton, Cung Le, Mike McDonald all use
the gear for different componets of their training.

Last year I met with Tito in Vegas and he loved the gear
especially the helmet, we've just reinitiated contact and are trying to
arrange for him to try the gear out.

What's most unique about our gear is its 'impact reduction' design that
allows the athletes to still feel the contact and potential impact of clean
strikes. The gear DOES NOT restrict any grappling movement, so it
allows for striking, clinching, submissions all while protecting from
cuts and other accidental trauma that can ruin a trianing session.

If youre a pro fighter or part of a team, email Marc for a FREE VCD that
shows a 15 minute demo of the gear's capabilities...if you really
understand fighting, you'll know in a second how the gear will perfrom
for you. We also offer special discounts to MMA teams as well as
certain levels of sponsorship depneding on your ranking etc.

We recently got a hold of a MMA exibition match between filmed at the
UCC, as soon as we get it digitized we'll try to get it streaming for you

Lastly, I'll be in Vegas for the TIto-Liddell fight, some meetings and a
seminar (closed for LEO only) but will be staying at Mandalay Bay. If
youre intersted in seeing the gear please contact Marc:

Thanks & be sure to email for the FREE video CD, send us a mailing
address and while youre on-line, subscribe to our newsletter at


OOOPS, forget to discuss the COMBATIVES CAMP.

This year we've settled on New York City for the event. Right in
Manhattan. We have a lot of students in the New England area and
travel is easy through Newark & Laguardia.

The training will be taking place in 3 locations over the weekend, the
host hotel, Central Park and a training studio in Manhattan.

The hotel is a suites hotel; full kitchen, 2 TVs two rooms...its owned by
a group I did a security semianr for - so theyre taking good care of us.

The dates are August 13 -14- 15.

Full details on the curricula will be posted soon. This event is one of
our few OPEN courses. So if youre intersted in the SPEAR SYSTEM,
HIGH GEAR, BMFs etc please dont miss this training opportunity.

Again, email Marc for details marc@tonyblauer.com

Seriously, space is limited to 35, which is what the meeting room t the
hotel holds.

Looking forward to training with familiar faces and meeting some new
ones too.


I'm THERE, Coach!

See you then!

And before then at PDR training!

And before then at the BMF seminar!

And...You get the idea!



I'm really looking forward to this session. It's been too long since the last one! :)


Looking forward to the UCC clip. Firas has a wicked flying armbar!