UFC/TUF music

Just wondering where I could get that theme song from the UFC, the one at the start right after the gladiator thingy. Aswell as the one from TUF. Are they both by the same guy? Who is it and is it downloadable?

Another question on top of that. Does anyone know the name of the song that Frank Trigg walks in to?

Trigg = something by Right Said Fred

TUF song go to the website and you can get it.Opening song and gladiator thing as well as Trigg's song are all on Ultimate Beatdowns Vol 1. It's a great cd actually.


No problem man!

Dude, Salavary has the best theme song, sounds like a Jerry Bruckheimer film. It gave me flash backs to the movie "The Rock"

The UFC opening theme is "Stemm - Face the Pain".