UFC Tweetup w/ Dana White

Dana White and the UFC held a tweetup in San Diego to win tickets to the UFC on VS 2.

Courtesy of HeavyMMA.com and yours truly.


If I lived that life, I doubt I'd ever want to sleep either.

he paid a guy's speeding ticket that he got on the way there... not many douches do that kind of shit

ttt for Dana's private memorabilia collection

 wow that was awesome


And yet people still choose to give Dana constant shit and say how bad he is for the sport....

slamming -  TTMFT.

My God, he paid that dude's speeding ticket.  He doesnt have to do shit like that.   That's going way above and beyond to please the fans.

Dana is hands down the most fan friendly president of any billion dollar company in the world.

Is it even close?

Dana is the man!