UFC ultimate submissions dvd....

anyone seen it? is it worth getting?

i wanted to buy it at the last ufc but they only had ultimate knockouts

I have it, and don't recommend it.

It doesn't have much on there.
The thing goes for under 1 hour and generally only shows the submission itself rather than the whole match or a significant portion (unless it was a real short match).

Large portions of time are taken up by introductions to each section (armlocks, leglocks, etc) and discussing the finishes, rather than showing a lot of matches.

It has the feel of a TV infomerical or ESPN special promoting the UFC to the casual TV viewer (maybe it was originally, I don't know), and doesn't have much for the hardcore UFC fan.

I second that it wasn't really worth getting, I only got it because it came in a 2pack when it first came out. For a newbie who needs heavy explanation of an armbar, maybe. Not for the average guy on the UG who knows the least bit about what a submission is. Also, all of the fights I'm almost definite you have seen if you follow the UFC.

But how are all the extras on the disc???

yea..do you guys have the normal dvd or the one with all the special crap. like, i think the extra feature one has a training session with ricco and a few other things.

i bought the ppv... a well spent $10


It looks like there might be more on the DVD than ppv?


Ultimate Submission
ÿÿ Sale Price: $16.95
List Price: $21.95
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SKU: DVD-003

Ultimate Submissions!

Here's the breakdown!


Frank Shamrock vs Jeremy Horn
Ken Shamrock vs Pat Smith
Marco Ruas vs Larry Cureton
Ken Shamrock vs Kimo
Oleg Taktarov vs David Beneteau

Evan Tanner vs Darrel Gholar
Carlos Newton vs Bob Gilstrap
Murillo Bustamante vs Yoji Anjo
Tito Ortiz vs Yuki Kondo
Tony DeSouza vs Paul Rodriguez
Carlos Newton vs Pat Miletich
Ricardo Alemida vs Eugene Jackson
Ebenezer Braga vs Jeremy Horn

Dan Severn vs David Beneteau
Enson Inoue vs Royce Alger
Kazushi Sakuraba vs Conan Silveira
Frank Shamrock vs Kevin Jackson
Elvis Sinosic vs Jeremy Horn
Frank Mir vs Roberto Traven
Josh Barnett vs Semmy Schilt
Evan Tanner vs Homer Moore
Pat Miletich vs John Allessio
Fabiano Iha vs Laverne Clark
Andrei Arlovski vs Aaron Brink

Matt Serra Feature
Ricco Rodriguez Demonstration
and More

The part in which Gil G. (sorry, forgot his name) wrestles a huge linebacker was entertaining!