UFC unleashed last night ??

what fights were on it besides hughes/riggs.... i missed the whole thing.

The unaired Sam Stout vs. SPencer Fisher - UFC 58 prelim. Pretty good fight.

Vera vs. Scherner - UFN fight.

Riggs vs Hughes

SHotcaller is correct.

Sam Stout has a CHIN of GRANITE! Period. Spencer hit him HAAAARD and he didn't flinch one time. Holy crap!

True - But I think SPencer would beat him by unanimous decision if he had time to work on his cardio though.

thanks for the info. i got to catch the replay...i have been waiting to see the fisher/stout fight.

that was an awesome fight, glad i finally got to see it

Shotcaller- I agree. Spencer is a BEAST at 155lbs...I don't see many guys beating him. Maybe Duane..Maby Hominick....I want to see a Hominck vs Stout fight in the UFC. I think it'd be one of the best.

Hominick and Stout are training partners. I doubt you will see that fight anywhere outside of Team Tompkins gym in London Ontario. Anyone wondering why Stout is so tough and can take such a a hard shot and keep coming....he trains with hominick all the time. Nuff said.


Ronin MMA

They also trains with Duane Bang

If you wanna see Stout vs. Hominick, just stop by the gym.

Rumors in Canada have always been that those two beat the tar out of each other sparring.

The ring at the gym is black with tar.

Hey canario, after seeing the fight on t.v., who do you honestly feel won the fight?

lure them into unleashed? The hardcore fans are already into UFC.

yes I do

true enough - I don't watch unleashed either for the same reason.

looked like fisher won that 1

I like the Dark Matches as well....zuffa can you hear us ??