UFC Unleashed on Spike

9:00 ET.

its a repeat of thursdays uleashed.

thank you.


"its a repeat of thursdays uleashed."

I missed it on Thursday.

I think thursdays TUF is on right after that so if you missed that too you are set

Cool, but I heard there wasn't a fight. I'll still check it out though.

yes, there was no fight but its worth watching because someone leaves and although pathetic its still worth watching.

what were the fights on unleashed?

thanks in advance

Sylvia-Telligman, Irvin-Martin, and Bonnar-Hoger.

its a different one. sylvia-gan. cote-leben, and mir-williams. still shitty.

Less drama more fights I say but I won't complain. I also heard the quitter gets an earful from Big D.

cant remember sorry :(

I thought they were going to do a Hughes Unleashed like they did with Royce.

It's a different one tonight?? Weird, they usually repeat the same one from Thursday.