UFC/USADA TUE policy is inhumane & unrealistic

these are the rules for a TUE (therapeutic use exemption)
i will state an everyday occurence

"3. Policy for UFC Athletes:

USADA will process TUE applications for UFC Athletes in accordance with this UFC TUE Policy.
A UFC Athlete may apply to USADA for a TUE for any Prohibited Substance at any time; however, such
applications should be complete and received by USADA in accordance with the following timeline:

a. At least twenty-one (21) days in advance of the Athletes intended Use of the prohibited medication when
the Athlete is not scheduled to participate in a Bout; or

b. At least ninety (90) days in advance of the Athlete’s intended Use when the Athlete is scheduled to participate in any Bout more than ninety (90) days in the future; or
c. As soon as practicable when the Athlete is scheduled to participate in a Bout with less than ninety (90) days advance notice."

so, lets say you work a ordinary daytime job, you arený feeling well, visit the doctor, get your meds and take them the same day because you want to be well ASAP
just a standard procedure.
Now if you are an (UFC) Athlete, you get the meds and you have to call UFC/USADA first to check if its or ingredients are on the banned list
if so you have to apply for an TUE and you have to wait 21 days before getting one and start taking the meds. lets get this straight
you are a pro athlete who makes money whith his body, but you have to wait for at least 21 days before taking them?? that's insane/inhumane/unbearable
what if your illness/sickness gets worse? and you need to go to a hospital?
this TUE policy is insane unrealistic and a total disadvantage to the pro athlete and should be corrected to a human procedure.
euh option B, the 90 days if you do have a fight scheduled? too much torture to be even discussed!


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