UFC uses wes's stomp promo?

What's up with the UFC using Wes's head stomp of Frank Mir in their promos? WTF is that?

Maybe they think it a good clip to gain new fans, but I think it is so gay considering it is such a clear violation of the rules!

your comments and opinions please.

I hear ya!

I thought that exact same thing.

It is totally lame man.

It is like they want to portray the UFC as a ruthless, violent sport and so they throw a clip in of the illegal head stomp. Could you imagine if they threw Tyson's ear bite amongst some real (within the rules) highlights as an introductory promo to a big pay per view night of boxing! Gimme a fucking break.

Was it a general UFC promo, or a prefight Sims promo? Cause I can understand if it was a promo just for Sims, he doesn't have many highlights besides that.

If they don't use the stomp to promote Sims, then they're gonna have to resort to video of him beating a grade-schooler at Street Fighter.

You guys, it is a GENERAL UFC promo. I just watched UFC 47 again and in the beginning they show it.

I noticed the same, i dont like it

Just wait till I train for your ass.

They should promote his Dusty Rhodes hand waving off the submission.

I watched mir/simms part one tonight and was shocked at the look on simms' face. I think he really thought he'd won the fight.

UFC is selling spectacle not sport It will never be a sport if its add shows an illegal act ....Mcfly ???

a lot of estrogen in here. protect yourself at all times.

Who knows they might be making the stomp/kicking a downed opponent legal again nothing wrong with showing it if thats the case. I know Big John McCarthy was talking about knees to the head while on the ground rule maybe coming back soon.

Ever notice how when Pride shows replays between rounds they dont show anything that might have happend after the bell such a punch or kick?

it sucks


I would like to hear Dana's response to this.

headstomps should b legal anyway