What a great night of fights. I have to say, I love Randy and the fact that the UFC is live, otherwise Pride dominates completely.

The number of fights. The one thing the delayed format does it allows them to edit together fight after fight. That opening was relentless. I couldn't get up to take a leak.

The guys Pride pays for (and gets to) train is amazing. Mark Hunt? Who knew? Cro-Cop? Remember when he just some K-1 guy? Now Crocop, Hunt, Nog, Fedor, Rulon.... It's amazing to think of the possibilities in 2005.

Hate the ring, but love that they let them fight. The UFC would have stopped the Silva Hunt fight 6 times.

Soccer kicks.... 

In the UFC, Ryan would have been a main event. Hell, I don't think the UFC would have him fight cuz he's such a handful.

In Pride he's pre-lim.

In the UFC Ryan would not be allowed to fight.

Besides, who in the UFC LHW div could Ryan beat?

funkywb has the correct. Ryan would get completly schooled by any of UFC's LHW's.

Bias towards Jap fighters?

Bias towards MFS fighters?

There used to be a biasness towards the Jap fighters but since Takada came in (after the Pride president hung himself) its gotten a lot better. For example, the Pride Shockwave show is like their Superbowl or Wrestlemania, and they picked Henderson over Kondo and Gardner over Yoshida by decision!

Don't get me wrong, I want as much quality MMA in this country as I can get.

However, Pride is night and day ahead.

"Ryan would have been DQ'd for swinging at the ref."

I would love to see what would happen if Ryan took a swing at Big John

Id like ot see Ryan verses Baroni But Prides cards blow UFCs away

Pride does have have a better operating budget, but they also work at a deficit.


Both organizations are subsidized. Or at least have been.


some matchups in the UFC still give me goosebumps. They just lack the sideshow style that Pride/K-1 bring to the table. The whole Randy/Tito/Chuck thing was great for the UFC!

I think they lack the fighters.

To put my feelings into an SAT question:

Pride is to the UFC, what the UFC is to the KOTC.......

I thought (could be wrong) that the UFC was a big write off.

How about the Pride "UFC champions" show.

Pulver, BJ, Josh and Buste. Would you be excited about that show?