UFC Vegas 33 results & discussion

Espn app not loading for anyone else? mine just keeps crashing

Underdogs are 2-0 so far

Both prelims and main card are on ESPN regular TV.

Please update the OP

Go Yoder $$$$$ !

Im Horny Zach Galifianakis GIF

WMMA sucks

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Maybe he’ll bite him next.

Whenever anyone calls themselves a “warrior” you can just head to the bathroom. That just means they get hit a lot and they have no finishing abilities.

Garcia sucking wind now

You’re a warrior, guy

in the old days you could lay in side control for 10m

great fight

Yeah but in the old days fighter smashed or went fir subs from side control

Gruetzmacher is alot like Darren Elkins. Get the shit beat out of you until your opponent gasses, then takeover the fight. Always fun to watch. Judges got it right IMO.

I’m happy Chris won :slight_smile: whatta fight, should get 50k too imo whatta warrior

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you never used to hear commentators saying “you gotta do something with it” about side-control

I’m watching Bellator prelims. And ufc simultaneously

When the Bellator main card comes on I’m watching that. UFC has a great main event though.

major contender for FOTN
and I definitely think correct decision

I got Barberena