UFC Vegas 34 results & discussion

Holy crap!

well that makes up for it

That’s how you finish a guy that doesn’t want to fight.

Nasty KO. Barbosa level KO.


Damn. Sick KO

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I think people 3 towns away heard me scream Holy. Shit.


I actually still think Roberts has potential but this was a big setback. He shined earlier against lesser competition, but Bahamondes was too much. This guy is fucking nasty.

The UFC doesn’t give you that many chances; he better bring more than that if he gets another fight.


Madsen is such an intriguing fighter they have to move this guy up quickly he’s already pretty old

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I can’t imagine this doesn’t go to a decision.

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What did he say in the interview that got bleeped out?

Apparently UFC fans are the only people still buying printer ink.

We’ll see if Knight can keep from gassing this time. He throws home runs but not much else, so he’s always at risk of losing a decision

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Jesus! People bonus hunting tonight!