UFC Vegas 38 results & discussion

How does a BJJ Blackbelt get caught in sub like that ?

There’s a fighter named Mullarkey??

Nice counter off the kick by de Anderea. I’m surprised that doesn’t happen more

Nice KO by Hernandez

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UFC just isn’t the same without fans now.

This also just hasn’t been a particularly exciting card either.

Holland is fuckin retarded…lol

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Lol he is funny as heck


Woah he was straight out from that head clash

Damn that sucks

immediate rematch needed

Headbutt put him out

He was out from that clash of heads

Props to Holland for continuing but he was out from that clash

Mirg fucking blew it hard. Shoulda stopped it for the headbutt ko.

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Has to be a NC

makes me like holland even more, the way hes handled it so far


Shitty for Daukaus and Holland both


Should be a NC