UFC Vegas 41 results & discussion

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This is an early card? In Vegas. Why?

David Onama is fuckin animal. He should be the The Ugandan Zombie

These fights are wild today

This card has been great so far.

Seeing how many fights Randa Markos can lose in a row, and yet still get fights, is interesting. I think the L streak was at 4 but she got a decision win so it resets now.

This guy has such long legs but he hardly throws any kicks. He should not even be allowing trinaldo to get in range

brucelee roy is a good sport but hes getting beat up here

Beautiful finish! What a duck under.


That’s a smart veteran move to realize when the fights not going your way to make that adjustment

absolutely, I knew if he got him in a bad position he could win, just didnt think it was going to happen

25 fights in UFC 5 fight win streak…bruce lee roy has come a long way. I remember when he first came in ppl said he would not last at all.

Yeah I always remember him as the goofy kid on TUF with the Bruce Lee jumpsuit. I liked him but I never imagined he’d have this kind of UFC career.

Feeeyyyooddoorrrrr = GOAT

Great self-awareness from Edwards, tying a white belt around her own head at the end.

Damn, Dawson is a fucking dog with those takedowns

Draw? The fuck?

fuck it
I like a draw

Late to the party but still… Caceres kicks arse