UFC Vegas 47 results & discussion

Leonardo Dicaprio Kinda GIF

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Oh fuck that was nuts.

Ouch holy fuck that was nasty

Did Malcom Gordon get fucked up???

Correct. Nobody is wasting their Saturday night on this. Smart move by ufc

Nope he won by technical submission. The other guys elbow popped out in a weird scramble.

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Threw $75 on Bondar for the fuck of it, great start

Pretty gnarly elbow pop.


Rowe has like a 10 inch reach advantage or some shit right? Yea let’s back up and counter off the cage lol. Waste of size.


There he goes.

Im just happy he won. Hate lay and pray fighters.

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That was a good fight. Nice finish

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Finally fought smart

Cross hook cross hook. One of my faves

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You mean 2-3-2-3


I hold a lot of pads and I use punch names because I hold for different levels of people and some people just do better with the names. I call numbers too but have a habit of calling it out by name.


I’m just fucking around. People mix up the numbers too.


The crowd goes wild at the Apex.

It’s deafening in there