UFC versus Cage Wars UK is BS

"So here I go. Dana White with the greatest of respect stop whining like a biatch and grow a pair of balls like your President and do it, don't mince about like a fairy with your pathetic attempts to threaten me, get your big fat cheque book out and pay a decent firm of solicitors and go for it. See you in court big boy!

Regards Dougie"

The above was copied from a letter as posted on MMAWeekly. You have to love the spirit of Dougie but what is up with the UFC suing them?? What is thier legal assertion? Most importantly why would Zuffa cut their own throat and bully smaller feeder shows. Sorry I LOVE the UFC but this shit reminds me of Don King.

Interesting point. Don King is rich as shit.

Anyone know what the beef is?

the event Ultimate Fight Club was promoting their event frequently using the initials UFC

Welcome to last week mate. Not sure why MMA Weekly printed that a week late.

This was a misunderstanding on Zuffa's part.

Basically their legal tea sent a letter to Dougie Truman the Owner of Cagewarriors, which accused him of Promoting and running a show called Ultimate Fight Club.

However Dougie nor the Cagewarriors organisation had no promoting, or ownership in that show. All Cagewarriors did was cover the show on their website and managed to suppy a fighter or two for it on the day of the show when the show was about to go into meltdown.

So Dougie was somewhat upset when he recieved a threatening letter for Zuffa's legal team.

However they have now retracted that statment and sorted it out, which Cagewarriors is happy about as MMA organisations need to work together.

There is a newer statement on cagewarriors.com

Peace man :D